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We award scholarships to anyone who qualifies regardless of protected class.
Writing Letters of Recommendation for Alworth Scholarship Applicants

We greatly appreciate the time and effort that it takes to submit recommendations on behalf of Alworth Scholarship applicants. The recommendations that teachers submit definitely impact the selection process for the $24,000 Alworth Scholarship. The following are several suggestions that may be helpful to consider when writing recommendations.
1.  It is not necessary to mention GPA or class rank or include a list of activities.  This information is provided on the transcript and by the student on his or her application. 
2.  It is helpful to provide information that addresses the applicant’s character, perseverance, and ambition and may include the following:
Potential for future academic success.
Innate abilities especially in math and/or science.
Curiosity, creativity, and problem solving abilities.
Leadership and follow through.
Honesty, integrity, and impact on others.
Special accomplishments and/or exceptional qualities.
Helpfulness and compassion for others.
Qualities that demonstrate why this student would be a good academic investment.  And, if you are aware of any extenuating circumstances such as home life, financial, or other issues that demonstrate “the need” for a scholarship, it is helpful to the decision making process to mention that in your letter.
Letters of Recommendation Submission Instructions and Deadlines

Letters of recommendation are important to the scholarship selection process.
Students are required to have personally requested a letter of recommendation well in advance of the January 15th application deadline.

Once your name and email address has been entered on the application, you will receive an email from the Alworth Foundation informing you of the name of the student and directions for submitting your letter.

Recommendation letters may be submitted through the Alworth website only.

January 15 is the deadline for submitting letters of recommendation; however, we will continue to accept them through January 31.
Should you have any questions please email or call 218-722-9366.

Thank you!

Patty Salo Downs, Executive Director
Marshall H. and Nellie Alworth Memorial Fund