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We award scholarships to anyone who qualifies regardless of protected class.
Welcome to our new video series!

Alworth Scholarship recipients with a variety of interests and ideas are interviewed by Professor Alworth in these fun videos – most of which are only about 10 minutes long.

Meet students like you who took something that they love to do and turned it into a STEM career.  Learn how one student turned his knowledge of car repair into an engineering career, how a love of the outdoors led another student to become a research biologist, and many other inspiring stories.

These students embraced their dreams and overcame their fears to expand their opportunities.  They are sharing their experiences to help inspire others to reach for the stars, pursue their interests, and apply for the Alworth scholarship.

Check back often, as new “STEM Talks” are being added all the time.

Lori Huseby is graduate of East Range High School, Babbitt, MN who is studying math, computer science and chemistry at the College of St. Scholastica. Lori shares how her shop teacher encouraged her to take a math course that sparked her interest in STEM.  She also talks about her recent internship at NASA and how she almost didn’t apply for the $20,000 Alworth Scholarship. 

Lori Huseby:

Joel Gustafson of Hermantown and graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in mathematics and Luke Heine of Cloquet, Harvard graduate in computer science and sociology, share their passion for and adventures in computer science and show us that nothing is unattainable.   

Joel and Luke:

Learn how Ricky turned his love knowledge of car repair and snowmobiles into studying mechanical engineering at UMD. This led to a co-op/internship at Bobcat working as a design engineer and taught him that “you need to mess up to learn.”  If you like building things, enjoy taking things a part to see how it works or see how a design could be made even better, perhaps a career in engineering is for you.

Ricky Baker:

Lily’s love of the outdoors led to her to pursue a degree in biology with a focus on research at UMD. Inspired by her curiosity, Lily enjoys all aspects of field work, data analysis, including the joy and frustrations in finding the answers.  Lily has found her calling and we hope that her story inspires you to find yours. She advises to partner with your professors and advisors to help find a direction to take your interests and pursue a fun educational and career path.

Lily Hall:

The summer between her freshmen and sophomore year, Gabi was encouraged by her professor to do research on cancer and has continued on the research path as a biochemistry major at St. Ben’s. Gabi shares how developing relationships with her professors led to amazing opportunities in college that she never could have imagined doing as a high school student. She says to “go for it” and don’t be afraid to fail.

Gabi Lott:

Anna Hall, South Ridge High School

Stop putting limits on yourself and go for it!  That’s the attitude that opened doors for Anna including receiving the Alworth Scholarship.  Learn how she participated in a job shadow experience during high school at the Environmental Protection Agency, Duluth MN, that eventually led to career working there.  Anna shares her experience working on a bat research project. She wants you to know that, “There is nothing bad that can happen from trying your best at something.  Try everything that you are remotely interested in because eventually you are going to find that thing that lights your fire.”

Mackenzie Carlson, Esko High School

Inspired by her high school Biology teacher, Mackenzie applied and was accepted into a summer research program the summer after 10th grade.  Learn how her summer of “swimming with the sharks” and studying lion fish launched her academic career and inspired her love of research. Mackenzie is currently attending graduate school at Stanford where she is studying Alzheimer’s disease with a goal of finding new ways to diagnose it. Mackenzie believes that, “If you are interested in something, go all in on that thing.  The more focused you can be on the things that you are interested in, the better is the return on your investment.”

Sterling Boyd

For many years Sterling Boyd thought he wanted to study Engineering in college.  After he successfully completed one semester of college, he started to question that decision.  Sterling takes a step back to examine his strengths, interests and skills and finds an area of STEM that really interests him and matches up with what he likes to do.  This video is for the student who likes math and science but is unsure about a major field of study. By watching it, you will gain terrific insight on how to go about finding your passion.